Port Harcourt Young Professionals

SPE Port Harcourt Section Young professional was established to nurture the qualities of younger professionals below the age of 35 and with less than 10 years professional work experience.

The section realizes the great potential of this group to bring about innovations both for the organization and the Energy industry in general. Port Harcourt section has a large and growing number of young professional members.

The Young Professionals activities have grown to have its own annual symposium targeted at helping Members Bridge the gap through sustaining existing technologies as well as inspiring them to champion new ideas and technologies for the industry.

Young Professionals Workshop  2016

Date: Saturday 23rd April, 2016

Time: 10am

Venue: Shell RA Club, Port Harcourt

Theme: YPs Taking The Initiative: Turning Current Industry Challenges Into Opportunities

About SPE Section 103 Young Professionals Program

The Young Professionals Program is an initiative sponsored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and created for the purpose of enhancing the overall membership and effectiveness of the Society.

The YPP works to organize individuals with less than ten years of industry experience together in order to engage them in activities that ultimately support both the Local and National ...more>>




NYSC Camp Visit

Apart from membership drive, the main driver of this event is for  Section 103 YP  Network to be able to assist in bridging the gap for young graduates and prepare them for the transition into the industry

by equipping them with the relevant knowledge in job search/applications, CV & Cover Letters writing, interviewing skills, developing their entrepreneurial abilities, networking, communication, ...more >>

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